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Just 1 Less Diaper...

Practicing Elimination Communication is One Less Diaper at a Time.

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The Ultimate Green Baby Is The One Who Isn't 'Using' The Diaper They Are Wearing!

Open Your 'Elimination Communication Toolkit' to Reduce Your Reliance on Diapers...

How Many Diapers Does Your Baby Wear Each Day?

What if You Used Just ONE Less Diaper Each Day...

Practicing Elimination Communication - starting part time and simply 'saving' the use of one diaper today, another diaper tomorrow - from little changes you can raise a 'lower carbon' baby, a greener baby!

Collectively We Use MILLIONS of Diapers Daily - Most of Which Go into Landfill. What if Each of Us Could Reduce Our Diaper Use By Just ONE? It's an Interesting Thought...

How? By discovering how to turn on your 'Elimination Communication Senses', (Using your skills in elimination communication) and using your 'Elimination Communication Toolkit' you can skip a diaper here...a diaper there - it will add up to big changes in time.

Your 'Elimination Communication Toolbox' is the many ways you can connect with your baby to help them stay clean and dry - and their diaper unused for now - whatever type of diaper it is. Elimination Communication isn't just a matter of 'not using diapers', rather you and your baby cooperate together to keep the diaper dry for spells of time. Later on you'll skip diapers altogether in some situations.

You'll find that some 'Elimination Communication Tools' suit you better than others - luckily there are a lot of ways to skip a diaper... you might be part-time diaper free only when baby wearing for example.

Even 1 less diaper at a time adds up, and it is daily experience for your little one as well...

When you are focussing on building your 'Elimination Communication Senses', you are listening to your baby and offering them the opportunity to go outside their diaper when you anticipate their need based on their behaviour. In time your baby will 'signal' more clearly in some circumstances at first, and you build from there. After they go, you put their diaper back on, for peace of mind...

By practicing Elimination Communication part time and connecting with your baby to use just one less diaper at a time, imagine the potential benefits to the environment of just a few less diapers from each baby going into the landfill or needing to be washed - it could be quite significant!

What's In Your Elimination Communication Toolbox?

You can discover lots more tips about them gradually in a little bit of information every few days with my introductory guide to Elimination Communication.

Meanwhile let's look over some of your 'tools' to reducing your reliance on diapers. These 'Elimination Communication Tools" that make practicing baby pottying easier:

You'll discover helpful insights, tips and ideas by exploring my site.

And remember - you already have access to so many of these ideas as your instincts, perhaps you are already part time diaper free and don't realize it yet?

What if one of these 'Elimination Communication Tools' enabled you to use just one less diaper today?

Even more exciting - what if each of the tools helped you to use one less diaper each day - hmm, there are 12 tools listed here! Well, perhaps not every day, but perhaps over a week? The concept is part-time diaper free after all.

In time that will be a lot less diapers as you discover how to cooperate with your baby in these many ways to become part time diaper free - yippee! What a great thing for your budget, your bond, the environment and best of all - your baby...

The 7 Secrets to Developing Your Diaper Free Confidence: a unique way to offer you a broad understanding of how Elimination Communication works as an idea. They highlight those attitudes, approaches and strategies which will ensure you are heading in the right direction, a positive one...

...I thought I'd give it a go and if it saved
one diaper a day that would be great...

"For our family Elimination Communication has opened up a whole new world. I stumbled across the concept in a parenting magazine while I was pregnant and thought that sounds like too much work, but couldn't get it out of my mind.

But Elimination Communication made sense. Conventional Toilet Training doesn't when you think about it, so I thought I'd give it a go and if it saved one diaper a day that would be great.

I had no idea that at 16 months my little boy would hardly be wearing diapers, and we would have so few messy diapers to clean.

My husband is especially pleased as he was dreading pooey diapers, and we very rarely have any. So thank goodness for Elimination Communication."

Nicole, in Australia

"1 Less Diaper - but that's not intimidating at all! I can do that!"

1 less diaper a day over 2.5 years is over 912 fewer diapers - that's a lot of experience for your baby too, and a lot of moments connecting with your baby in a positive, fun way...

1 less diaper a day over 3 years is 1095 fewer diapers - that's over $492 saved if you consider an average disposable diaper costs .45c...

Even 1 less pooey diaper each week is 156 diapers you can avoid having to wash - I'm not actually sure how many washing loads that would be...

The goal of this website is not about 'early toilet training' - it is about reducing your use of diapers by 'tweaking' the skills you already have, by adding in some new skills, to help you have a 'greener' baby, save money - and have FUN in the process as you connect with your baby in a slightly different way than is currently common.  We'll be focussing on the process, the journey - when your baby reaches consistent independence is an individual thing...

'Elimination Communication' is a traditional, ancient way of caring for your baby's hygiene needs - and yes, you can ease into these ideas gradually - perhaps the easiest way of doing easing into Elimination Communication it will seem as if it is just a natural extension of your parenting abilities - because it IS a natural thing, yet a learned skill as well. Luckily you have your baby to help you, and you can help your baby -you do it together as it is cooperative, it is teamwork, it is just lovely!

Part time diaper free! is dedicated to helping you reduce your diaper use as you gently, naturally and gradually practice Elimination Communication with your baby, and discover the joys of doing so!

Discover How You Can Use 
One Less Diaper At A Time...

The 7 Secrets are online so they are updated regularly

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Elimination Communication is
                 what is also known as how to potty train your baby.

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Part Time Diaper Free is a site dedicated to helping you to reduce your reliance on full-time diapers. I'll help you to develop your diaper-free confidence with my fun (and free!) eBook about part-time elimination communication, the 7 Secrets. Elimination Communication is a gentle practice helping you deepen your conscious understanding of your relationship with your baby, supporting a secure attachment. Re-discover this ancient and alternative way of managing your baby's hygiene needs, while using diapers as backup* ......YES! Practicing Elimination Communication means REDUCING your use of diapers gradually. 'No diapers allowed' is not true... * Like using modern cloth diapers, it's also addictive and a lot of fun!
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