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Diaper Rash

How Elimination Communication Will Help Manage (END) Diaper Rash

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If You Want To Save Your Baby from Diaper Rash While You Save Hundreds of Dollars a Year on Diapers, Then You Need To Keep Reading...

"HELP. My baby has a severe diaper rash, and how can I help my baby to find relief from the pain and to heal? What treatments or homemade remedies will cure this bad infection and how can I prevent it happening again?"

( Variations of this plea are asked by despairing moms in search engines over 68,000 times per month. )

Is your baby prone to diaper rash, no matter how quickly you change them, no matter what remedy, ointment, lotion or medication you use?

Practicing Elimination Communication (Elimination Communication) can really help you - it is a practical way to remove the risk of diaper rash.

Diaper rash is, sadly, very common. The initial cause is that baby is in a wet diaper. Simply, babies have very sensitive skin and diaper rashes are a common result of them being in diapers. It may be a sign to consider - just maybe - that babies would benefit from being in diapers as little as we can individually manage. Certainly not 24 hours a day.

You can reduce your reliance on diapers with a few basic Elimination Communication skills, so read on...

According to the experiences of parents practicing Elimination Communication, and in cultures who practice Elimination Communication as the cultural norm, where diapers are not universally used, but are used sparingly or casually (even not at all), diaper rash is simply not a concern, as without diapers, how can you have a rash - the conditions of waste and warmth don't exist for long if at all. I found a few references to this on sites about diaper rash treatments:

"In cultures where diapers are not worn, diaper rash is unheard of."

"It is said that in places in the world where young children run around without diapers there is no diaper rash."

Being Part Time Diaper Free is a super fun way to reduce the risk of diaper rash on your baby.

Diaper rash is a dreadful concern for parents, for everyone in fact, whether it is on a newborn infant or a toddler, if your baby suffers from diaper rashes, you'll notice one of the best remedies, or treatments recommended for diaper rash is increased diaper free time combined with more frequent changing. Summer is a common time for rash - diapers + warmth + wee = risk of painful rashes that cause baby great concern and stress, and you feel the pain too.

Diaper rashes can take days or weeks to clear up, in the meantime - what can you do? You can learn how to have a diaper-free baby with confidence.

Here's a few examples of how every site about diaper rash recommended "diaper-free time" to help in recovering from and preventing diaper rash:

" Give your baby's bottom a little breathing room. When possible, let your baby go without a diaper. Exposing skin to air is a natural and gentle way to let it dry." [1] link

" Let him or her go without a diaper when possible to let the air dry his or her skin." [2] - link

"Let it air out - leave the diaper off for a while, with no diaper cream on. Do this as often as you can." [3] - link

"The most effective treatment, although not always the most practical one, is to discontinue use of diapers, allowing the affected skin to air out." [4] - link

"Letting their infant go without a diaper as much as possible" [5] - link

What none of them say is HOW to manage this daily diaper free time. Are you afraid of 'misses' becoming 'messes'?

There is a natural alternative, a traditional way to help parents manage their baby's' hygiene needs cleanly - it is Elimination Communication - practiced around the world, and you can do it part time - you can ease into it gradually. Why not start at nappy free time?

Some sites had very strange statements about diaper rash, such as:

" Diaper rash will clear up with toilet training" (As if that is a solution any parent would accept? Wait for the years then recommended?)

" ALL BABIES HAVE NAPPY RASH. Having a diaper rash is a normal part of being a baby."

Yes, well I'd politely disagree with these statements.

Perhaps the diaper rash is a result of our cultural mind-set that babies and diapers go together - always - when they don't need to at all, or at least not all the time.

Not all babies have rashes. Perhaps they are not a normal experience of babyhood, perhaps we can skill parents up (again) in natural ways of reducing the time babies are spent in diapers, while enhancing the understanding and bond between them?

How to Reduce the Chance Your Baby will Develop Diaper Rash by Developing your Confidence in Elimination Communication:

Less time spent in a diaper will mean less risk of diaper rash. Simple.

There is a much better alternative to this remedy recommended by one site to treat diaper rash:

"Some experts suggest allowing your baby to go without diapers for several hours each day to give irritated skin a chance to dry and "breathe." This is easiest if you place your baby in a crib with waterproof sheets."

Hmm, hours sitting in a cot - perhaps not...

Learning Elimination Communication is an alternative that will build your confidence in having your baby diaper-free.

How? By using a waterproof Elimination Communication mat, or purchasing a specially designed one such as the many varieties you can see in my Visual Directory of Waterproof Mats available online.

Having more 'nakey bum' time at home needn't mean fears of 'messy accidents' and worries that your baby is going to explode everywhere with mess. They can do it in a receptacle like a baby potty.

You can learn easily how to read some simple signs that your baby may need to go, by learning about elimination communication.

Plenty of parents learn about and begin to practice Elimination Communication as their baby was prone to diaper rash, regardless of frequent changing, they were just very sensitive to being confined in a diaper at all, or reacted to the chemicals in wipes or detergents or the moist warmth of summer.

Say "Goodbye" to Diaper Rash By Taking My Free Guided Tour About Baby Pottying...

Be diaper free more often at home and use diapers when you're out and at night - be part time nappy free! Practice a Natural Alternative to toilet training to look after your baby's hygiene needs - Sign up to my FREE Guide TODAY!

You can minimize the chance of rashes and confidently have ways of helping them clear up as fast as possible with your new skills in Elimination Communication. Practicing Elimination Communication can reduce the number of diapers you use as you have FUN with your baby.

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P.S. My baby never had diaper rash - we used no creams, powders and few commercial wipes. By the time he was three months old we were using one $20 bag of diapers per month - and most people had NO IDEA we had a part time diaper free baby -as he wore diapers when we went out and when we had visitors. You can do this too. It is gradual and cool. Say goodbye to the specter of diaper rash - it doesn't have to be a normal part of being a baby.

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Resources for information about diaper rash:

[1] Mayo Clinic - Diaper Rash prevention

[2] Family - Tips on Prevention and Treatment of Diaper Rash

[3]  Ask Dr Sears - Childhood Illnesses - Diaper Rash

[4] Wikipedia - Diaper Rash

[5] Paediatrics - Diaper Rash Information

Banish Diaper Rash with Elimination Communication

Elimination Communication is
                 what is also known as how to potty train your baby.

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Develop Your Diaper Free Confidence as you Discover the Joys of Practicing Elimination Communication

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Part Time Diaper Free is a site dedicated to helping you to reduce your reliance on full-time diapers. I'll help you to develop your diaper-free confidence with my fun (and free!) eBook about part-time elimination communication, the 7 Secrets. Elimination Communication is a gentle practice helping you deepen your conscious understanding of your relationship with your baby, supporting a secure attachment. Re-discover this ancient and alternative way of managing your baby's hygiene needs, while using diapers as backup* ......YES! Practicing Elimination Communication means REDUCING your use of diapers gradually. 'No diapers allowed' is not true... * Like using modern cloth diapers, it's also addictive and a lot of fun!
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