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How Do You Start Using Diapers Part Time?

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You're using Modern Cloth 'Washable' Diapers - What next?

- Elimination Communication -

You Can Reduce Your Washing Load With a Bit of Elimination Communication...

(Plus You Can Keep your Diaper Stash in
Super Condition For the Best Resale Value.)

You can minimize your diaper use as you enhance the communication with your baby - by using those diapers part-time...

How Do You Start Using Diapers Part Time?

Begin to use your baby's diapers part time by learning some simple skills of Elimination Communication (Elimination Communication, also known as Infant or Baby Potty Training or a natural alternative to toilet training). It is an ancient way to care for a baby's hygiene needs as you slowly and gradually reduce your reliance on diapers. You enhance your understanding of and communication with your baby in ways that will just amaze you.

What is it like to do Elimination Communication?

Elimination Communication is something you start at home, when you have some quiet time with your baby. You support your baby's instinct to not wee on themselves by offering them the opportunity to wee in a potty now and then - at diaper changes is a prime time as their diaper is already off...

You'll still be using those lovely diapers though...

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YES! - you'll still use diapers - they catch accidents between potty visits.

Part Time Diaper Free means... using diapers with your baby - but not relying on them ALL of the time, not 24/7 for year after year.

Elimination Communication means less washing of diapers in the long run.

Modern Cloth Diapers are so gorgeous, it almost seems a shame they will be washed until they fade.

  • Imagine if your baby stayed in the same, dry diaper for several hours?

  • What if you could spot some of the time that they needed to wee and could help them to go?

  • What if you only had to change a pooey diaper every now and then?

  • What if you could halve your washing load each week?

This is what being part-time diaper free means for the cloth diaper addict - using elimination communication to work as a team with your baby to reduce the number of diapers that are wet or soiled (then washed), even though baby may be in them all the time.

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Imagine your diaper pail taking twice as long to fill.

When you are at home, you use diapers far more casually, as you are aware of some of your baby's attempts to communicate with you. You know enough about their patterns to offer them a timely wee-break at prime times - such as when they wake up. Doing that, you've offered a 'timing' opportunity, just like that...

Elimination Communication is like 'Cloth Minimalism' - you can use diapers a little less often, keeping your baby's diaper dry for longer now and then, or a lot less often if you prefer, having your baby diaper free a lot while at home. Babies love the freedom of kicking their legs with no diaper on.

Diapers become a parenting tool while practicing Elimination Communication - useful, but not essential all the time.

While practicing a spot of Elimination Communication with your baby, diapers become a parenting tool, something you use fully at times, only casually some of the time, not at all at other times, without fear about wee everywhere, as you slowly get to know your baby's rhythms.

When practicing Elimination Communication, diapers are no longer an essential you can't survive without.

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So, "Why Combine Modern Cloth Diapers With Being Part Time Diaper Free?"

Here are 7 reasons why combining Elimination Communication with Cloth Diapers is a sensational and increasingly popular choice:

  1. Practicing Elimination Communication helps you to preserve your diaper stash for looks and for eventual (and perhaps sooner) re-sale.

  2. Practicing Elimination Communication helps you to reduce your washing load. (Studies have shown using cloth diapers takes less than 5 minutes more than disposables - you'll be miles ahead very soon)

  3. Practicing Elimination Communication gives you the gift of ancient wisdom in caring for and connecting with your baby.

  4. Practicing Elimination Communication helps you to gain strategies for, and confidence in a gentle transition from diapers to knickers for your toddler.

  5. Practicing Elimination Communication even occasionally supports your baby's body awareness, making conventional "toilet training" easier (for both you and baby), and probably earlier -always good for the environment and your washing load.

  6. Practicing Elimination Communication with hybrid diaper systems such as Eenee Weenees and G-Diapers makes them even more environmentally friendly, and is becoming quite a popular option.

  7. Practicing Elimination Communication with modern cloth diapers gives you the best of both worlds - freedom of choice, empowerment and flexibility as you minimize your ecological footprint in the diapering stage.

How to discover more about how flexible elimination communication is, how easily you can use even one less diaper each day...


You'll Enjoy the Freedom that a Spot of Elimination Communication will Offer You and Your Baby...

Consider 12 simple ways you can be 'Greener' in your use of diapers before you even decide to begin reducing your need for full time diapers by dabbling in Elimination Communication.

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 I will show you how practicing Elimination Communication can reduce the number of nappies you use as you have FUN with your Baby:

Discover the 7 Secrets to Elimination Communication

Cloth Diapers are Basically a 'Must Have' When it Comes to Elimination Communication; Start With Just One Diaper...

Tribal Baby - Become Part Time Diaper Free!

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Dabble in a Bit of Elimination Communication to Reduce Your Washing...

Elimination Communication is
                 what is also known as how to potty train your baby.

Download my FREE eBook on Elimination Communication.
 I will show you how practicing Elimination Communication can reduce the number of nappies you use as you have FUN with your Baby:

Discover the 7 Secrets to Elimination Communication

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Part Time Diaper Free is a site dedicated to helping you to reduce your reliance on full-time diapers. I'll help you to develop your diaper-free confidence with my fun (and free!) eBook about part-time elimination communication, the 7 Secrets. Elimination Communication is a gentle practice helping you deepen your conscious understanding of your relationship with your baby, supporting a secure attachment. Re-discover this ancient and alternative way of managing your baby's hygiene needs, while using diapers as backup* ......YES! Practicing Elimination Communication means REDUCING your use of diapers gradually. 'No diapers allowed' is not true... * Like using modern cloth diapers, it's also addictive and a lot of fun!

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