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Part Time Diaper free

What Does *part-time* Diaper Free Mean?

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The Busy Mum's Way to Diaper Free Confidence... See How Easily You Can Halve (or more) the Time You Spend Wiping Your Baby's Pooey Bum!

You can be part time diaper free - practicing Elimination Communication at home, using diapers as an integral part of the process.

You will gradually use less diapers - in a natural transition from full-time diapers to .. no more diapers when they become inconvenient. (Yes, that happens!)

Parents practice Elimination Communication in all sorts of ways. They are universally part time diaper free before becoming truly diaper free. Elimination Communication is a flexible way of caring for your baby's hygiene needs; it really is liberating to know you have the ability to communicate with your baby to keep their diaper dry for stretches of time - it means less and less diapers over time, inevitably...

"But How Can Elimination Communication Suit My Busy Modern Lifestyle?"

Simple - adapt. Be Part Time Diaper Free - connecting with your baby using your skills in Elimination Communication, and using diapers when you need to, and as backup - or protection. After all, that is the reason diapers were developed - as a parenting tool. Learn to use them as a tool, not an essential. You can do it!

Ten Ways of Being Part Time Diaper Free:

Check the ones that would be, could be you...

Imagine you are quite happy to use diapers for pees, but know your baby's poop rhythms and signs well enough for baby to do virtually all of them in a potty. Wiping poo off your baby's soft skin is an uncommon activity for you, and you are very pleased with this!

Imagine offering your baby wee breaks at home, in natural transitions in the day's activities, yet using diapers as a full-time 'backup' - for peace of mind as the idea of accidents on the carpet just make you too nervous! You find catching pees in the potty several times a day (and most poos in the morning) to be great fun - baby enjoys it - it's an enjoyable way to connect with your baby each day.

Imagine using Modern Cloth Diapers, knowing baby stays aware of when they are using their diaper, and inviting them to wee in the potty at diaper changes, or when you check and find a dry diaper while you are at home. In time, your awareness of baby's attempts to communicate that they need to use the potty grows and you can help them when they need to go.

Imagine you provide your baby with diaper-free time on a waterproof mat each day, as they enjoy kicking their legs. Before this, you pop them on the potty to see if they need to have a tinkle. If they wee on the mat, you say "Sss sss" to them, "You're weeing, baby!" You are happy helping baby to know what the potty is for from a young age.

Imagine you have a series of regular activities in the day during which you offer a potty break - whenever you need to go yourself, when baby wakes up and when you find a dry diaper. Doing this, your baby is responding and you are noticing other times that they might need to go - such as when they start wriggling on your lap - and offer them a baby potty. You discover how much easier it is to rinse out a potty over the full diaper change needed for a poop.

Imagine you give your baby a quick wee opportunity because they are are wriggling and popping off and on off and fussing during breastfeeds. It settles them right back down, as they needed to wee, and couldn't concentrate on feeding. You do this and pop baby on the potty when they wake up, and if they are suddenly cranky, catching quite a few wees and learning more about their needs. Diaper rash is something that you simply do not fear, as it doesn't happen.

Imagine you invite your baby to wee on the toilet during those days you are at home, and have time together. On busy, hectic - 'crazy' days - and days your baby is in the care of others or in childcare or daycare - you simply use disposable diapers full time, aiming to offer at least one 'pit stop' during the day, perhaps as their bath water is running. No worries.

Imagine you are pretty relaxed and calm about natural toilet learning right the way through. You often use cloth diapers with wee breaks at home, you are pleased to use disposables at night, perhaps use a combination on outings. Toilet breaks for baby are simply a natural part of what you do. Having several children, you find using specialised Elimination Communication Underwear for convenience in potty stops means you are part time diaper free more easily.

Imagine you pull off your baby's diaper whenever you have them in-arms, such as on your lap at home or when in a sling, as it is comfortable for the baby and helps you to tune in to their needs. The rest of the time you offer potty stops at breaks in the day and if the baby is fussing. Once baby is a toddler, you realize they only need training pants as they don't really use many diapers in the day anymore - you are able to help them quite well. They have plenty of diaper-free time darting around outside on the grass. They gradually transition to independence.

Imagine only using diapers until your baby is regular and continent for poops, then using training pants and having diaper-free time at home; when out you use training pants with 'pit stops' on your travels. You enjoy baby wearing as it also means even fewer diapers to change! You find yourself always striving to minimize your reliance on diapers and diaper alternatives, to truly become diaper-free and enjoy the closeness of being so connected with your baby that diapers become a pointless hindrance to your day.

All of These Are Ways of Practicing Elimination Communication.

All Are Ways of Being Part Time Diaper Free.

How Many Did You Pick?

  • Which one are you ready to do now?

  • Which one would suit your baby?

  • Which one would suit your family?

  • Which one would suit your lifestyle right now?

  • Which one would you like to aim for, to strive towards?

If you picked ANY of the ways to be part time diaper free I've listed above, you are ready to learn more about this dynamic and empowering way of connecting with your baby!

You too can be Part Time Diaper Free - practicing Elimination Communication part time, and reaping all the benefits that the rest of us do integrating Elimination Communication into our lifestyles. Our babies love it. We love it. You can too.

Doing pees and poops is a big part of your baby's experience - it can startle or scare them, certainly makes them feel uncomfortable at times. Because of this, it can be a wonderful way to build your relationship.

As it is something that happens frequently, there are many opportunities to learn to communicate about it.

From personal experience I can tell you it is simply awesome to offer baby a wee break and see their obvious relief once they've gone! They LOVE communicating with us in this loving way.

To gain a solid grounding in the positive mind-set for practicing baby pottying, sign up below to receive the Seven Secrets to Developing Diaper Free Confidence.

Your level of confidence when practicing Elimination Communication is key to having a relaxed approach. Having the right attitude, you'll find that practicing Elimination Communication is something you simply do, and you then can't imagine ever returning to full time diapers ever again.

My free guide will reassure you as you learn more about this ancient way of getting to know how your baby, as you start your journey in becoming part time diaper free.
...We understood each other and that he trusted me to help him...

"I started Elimination Communication with Callum at 6wks, he's now almost 4 months, and some of my most interesting observations have been the intuition that develops (or expands?). I've had many catches due to "acting on random potty thoughts". It was also lovely the first time that he looked up at me while he peed (in the early days), and seemed to acknowledge that we understood each other and that he trusted me to help him."


You'll be keen to stop reading each secret just so you can go and start practicing with your baby! They'll be easy to read and to come back to because I know you'll only want a little bit of information to consider at a time, being a busy Mum (like we all are.)

Find out how you can adapt the skills and insights into your busy modern lifestyle - it is more straightforward than you may think - I certainly prefer Elimination Communication over full time use of diapers - it would be impossible for me to do that ever again. (Actually I never did use diapers full time - we always had a 'part time diaper free' mindset).

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Learning More about elimination communication:

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Aim for 1 Less Diaper Each Week: Dabble in a Bit of Elimination Communication!

Elimination Communication is
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Part Time Diaper Free is a site dedicated to helping you to reduce your reliance on full-time diapers. I'll help you to develop your diaper-free confidence with my fun (and free!) eBook about part-time elimination communication, the 7 Secrets. Elimination Communication is a gentle practice helping you deepen your conscious understanding of your relationship with your baby, supporting a secure attachment. Re-discover this ancient and alternative way of managing your baby's hygiene needs, while using diapers as backup* ......YES! Practicing Elimination Communication means REDUCING your use of diapers gradually. 'No diapers allowed' is not true... * Like using modern cloth diapers, it's also addictive and a lot of fun!
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