How to Use Essential Oils for Headaches

If you are looking an answer for this query that of how to use essential oils for headaches, then consider yourself lucky as you have reached the right place for this. That is correct many of us still do not know the importance of these essential oils that have a healing power.

These oils can cure a lot of ailment in the natural way and there are no doubts about it. Headaches can rally torment you with a lot of pain and the fact that they make the simplest chores look tough is an utter nuisance.

They have to be attended right away and there is no question of neglecting them. Here is a detailed discussion that will clarify everything for you in the best possible ways.

What is an essential oil?

Essential oil is a concentrated is a liquid that is extracted from a tree which contains the goodness of the same plant and is often aromatic in nature. Its aroma is volatile and these oils are often known as aetherolea, ethereal oils or volatile oils. More colloquially they are simply referred to as peppermint oil or lavender oil.

These are usually obtained by distillation and are then either sold in the natural form or are integrated into cosmetic products. These have medicinal powers that can heal a lot of disorders which makes them so very popular. They have been in use for thousands of years and there is no limitation to their functional utilization.

Some essential remedies

Here is a list of oils that can help you get instant relief from headaches and you can certainly buy these from the market or from online vendors at ease:

Peppermint oil – As is known that peppermint contains menthol and it has a soothing effect that can serve you in the best ways while suffering from a headache. This is true as menthol can ease your tension, relax the muscles and reduce pains.

Eucalyptus oil – It can not only get you relief from headaches but also can take care of sinus at the same time. It contains an oxide called 1,8 Cineole that can cure headaches and give instant relief from all the pain.

Lavender oil
– It is rich in esters which has sedative properties and can give you some respite from a terrible headache. It is because of this property that it highly advised to use this oil at night.

Chamomile oil – You must have heard about this to be taken with tea as a popular measure to keep away from aches of all kinds. So you can take chamomile tea just before you hit the sack or can just add a few drops to your pillow for best results.

Spearmint oil – Much like peppermint this oil also has the useful menthol in it that has already been clarified as a good source of curing headaches. This aroma oil can also be used in a blend with peppermint oil for maximum benefits.

How to use essential oils for headaches?

These aroma oils can be used in many ways to give you relief for headaches anytime. Below mentioned are a few ways that you can use them like:

  • You can simply dab the oil of your choice on your skin.
  • Especially in case of headaches, remember to apply them on the pressure points like temples, back of your neck, shoulders and scalp.
  • You can make a compression by adding a few drops into warm water and then you can daub it with a piece of soft cloth on your head and shoulders for relief.
  • Pour in a few drops to a diffuser and enjoy the aroma.

The simplest thing would be to add a few drops into your bathing tub or water and take a plunge. Or you can also add some drops to your pillow before sleeping


It has to be mentioned that there is no end to this discussion as essential oils can truly take care of your health. They also can be a great source of relief for any beauty concern such as skincare or haircare. It can detox your system and get rejuvenated at any point of time. These oils can also cleanse the atmosphere around you making it more relaxing. They can heal you physically, emotionally and mentally for good. These oils are beneficial and you can be put to use to the fullest whenever required.

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