How to Use Essential Oils for Hair Care

How to use essential oils for hair care is a very frequently asked question that many are clear not with. Although there are numerous articles and blogs in the internet as well as in magazines, yet this is a query that seems to remain inadequately answered. The fact essential oils are really important and that they are rich in minerals is known to a few. This property in particular adds to their therapeutic qualities which is why they used to treat several kinds of ailments, such as headaches and migraines. As a matter of fact these oils can be used for hair care regimes for the same. Here is a detailed list of things that can ensure how to use for maintaining that great mane.

Types of essential oils to depend on

There is a range of essential oils or EO (s) that one can opt for hair care. However it has to be kept in mind that it should be done in moderation. That is it should be done at the maximum of twice a month and limiting it to 2 to 5 drops per treatment should be the mantra. Excess of anything is dangerous and EO is no exception to this fact as it can cause burning sensation on the skin or can trigger headache. So using it in limited portions can be a way to getting great hair by using the following oils:

Chamomile oil – Always use this by diluting with base oils like castor, sesame jojoba, olive, almond and the likes. These are carrier oils that make application easy and at the same time avoid side effects. It can bring life to dull and greasy hair. It can also add luster to grey hair by darkening it with its nutrient rich properties.

Peppermint oil – This stimulates thorough blood flow to the scalp and its refreshing minty effect makes hair rich in both minerals and nutrients. In general considering 2 to 3 drops of this oil is more than enough for any kind of hair.

Rosemary oil – It has a strong scent that has been often praised and some even claim that it helps in hair re-growth. This is yet to be proven, yet it is great for greasy hair.

Ylang Ylang oil – This is another EO with quite a string smell and is highly advised to be used with carrier oil. It can ease tension and moisturize the scalp if used judiciously. Ideal for dry hair and is recommended to be used with hot oil and towel wrap (can keep it for an hour’s time).

Tea Tree oil – An extremely good oil to treat dandruff and fungal infections in the hair. This is a natural antiseptic that can keep the growth of fungus under control for sure. The best way to use it would be by adding drops of this oil to a regular shampoo for best results. Calculate 10 drops per ounce and then shake the bottle to mix well.

Advantages of using essential oils for hair care

Now if still there is a question as why use essential oils then these few pointers will help one to understand it better:

  • Oils like sage, clove, tea tree and rosemary can reduce bacterial as well as fungal growth.
  • Thyme, cedarwood, rosemary and lavender oils help in hair re-growth.
  • Therapeutic aroma therapy helps the scalp to soothe especially with the use of oils like lavender and rosemary.
  • Peppermint, vanilla, rose and eucalyptus oil can relax the body, mind and of course the scalp.

A word of caution

Make sure that a person with high blood pressure and expecting mothers should always avoid using these essential oils.

Tips on How to Use Essential Oils for Hair Care

They can be combined with hot oil treatment for best and can also be added to shampoo or conditioners for use. Nothing is written in black and white that these have to used like this or that, so one can use it according to their requirement or as they prefer.

All this discussion indicates one thing that of essential oils being genuinely beneficial to deliver results as expected. There is no end to this discussion and their goodness can only be felt by those who use them properly and in limited amounts.

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