Part Time Diaper Free - Learn Elimination Communication to use diapers casually, not full time for years and years!

Part Time Diaper Free!

Discover How To Keep Your Baby's Diapers Drier for Longer with Elimination Communication...

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How You Can Reduce Your Baby's Use of Diapers by Learning How to Do Elimination Communication (Elimination Communication) with Your Baby.

Discover How Parents Practicing Elimination Communication Use Diapers More Casually.

You Can $ave 100's of Dollars a Year on Diapers, and Reduce Your Washing Load. 

You Can Become
Part Time Diaper Free.

(Plus, Baby Pottying is FUN!)

In this free eBook, you'll find lots of tips about practicing part-time elimination communication with your baby. In the free resources you'll access a lot more.

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Baby Pottying is a fun activity to 'Play' with your baby each day!Your baby can be wearing a diaper for your peace-of-mind (as this may help you to relax), even though they don't always use it.

You offer your baby a potty break at certain key times they are likely to need to go at first, to begin learning together how to do 'Baby Pottying' together. Give it a shot. You'll save a few diapers.

'Diaper-Free' is the destination, not the start of your Elimination Communication journey, remember that.

Good News. You will use less diapers overall as you discover how to easily fit some 'potty breaks' into your day.

To help you begin, I have a variety of resources built from my own experiences practicing Elimination Communication with my two babies from birth.

From 100% Diapers to Diaper Free - when YOU and Your Baby or Toddler are ready. Elimination Communication is NOT an 'all-or-nothing' exercise - you can do it a little bit each day.

Our baby girl would cry when she needed to poop.

Now she looks at me with a silly grin on her face because I'll put her on the potty and say "poop. poop." and make farting noises with an animated face. Both of us really enjoy ECing. Thank you Charndra for your supportive and inspiring resources.

Chelly, Washington, USA

Introducing The 7 Secrets to Developing
Your Diaper-Free Confidence.

My Popular Guide Includes Lots of Helpful Tips, such as:

  • Discover How to be Part Time Diaper Free
  • Learn the easiest ways to get started, to Ease into Elimination Communication
  • Uncover why preparation is a key to success
  • Learn Strategies for adapting Elimination Communication to your busy life
  • Find "Of Course." tips you can begin using today. 
  • Discover 12 ways to make your choices 'greener'
  • Access cute Potty Songs to sing with your baby.
  • Make a Potty Charm for your baby to play with
  • Find out how Baby Wearing aids Baby Pottying...

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"...Thank you so much for this internet tool. It's more wonderful than words can describe, and I think it's excellent and appropriate that you offer it for free...

The thing I liked most about the 7 secrets was how practical, to the point and repetitious they were. When certain points were made (particularly, those pertaining to the emotional aspects of practicing Elimination Communication), it held steadfast in my mind because each Secret was entwined with the previous and the next.

I think the most important thing to keep in mind when practicing Elimination Communication is keeping check on your mind and heart and I feel those ideas were expressed very well throughout your 7 Secret course."

Beth, Arkansas, USA


Elimination Communication is 'Elimination COMMUNICATION. THAT is the focus. Find new ways to enhance the bond shared with your baby - it really helped me as a new Mom.

Yes, Elimination Communication is a practice focussing on the *communication* with your baby, not 'toilet training your baby'. In your mind, discard the idea that Baby Pottying is about the baby having to hold on until they use the potty, or going there themselves, or anything to do with rewards.

Instead, think of Elimination Communication as an ancient dance of communication - a wonderful form of teamwork between you and your baby. You strive to help your baby to understand their body and to help them to stay clean and dry as best you can.

Practicing Elimination Communication means your baby will never be afraid of a potty.
The essence of the Baby Pottying concept is reducing your diaper use by just one diaper at a time.

How SIMPLE Can 'Practicing' Elimination Communication Be?

Imagine offering a potty break when your baby's diaper is already off for a change?

It's as simple as that. Give it a shot. Try it out. Just DO it.

You might find getting peed on at diaper changes no longer happens...

The '7 Secrets to Developing Your Diaper Free Confidence' is a fun, 'light' introduction to the concept of Elimination Communication (or Elimination Communication). There are 7 'lessons' each with valuable ideas for you to mull over as you discover what Elimination Communication is really like. To see if it might suit you at this time.

Each follows a familiar format, with 3 key ideas, and an additional 'bonus' resource on a related topic. Secret#1 for instance contains over 40 'Potty Songs' for you to sing with your baby or toddler as a fun additional resource, including currently 11 benefits to singing potty songs. (Great for you to read at any stage of potty learning actually.) You'll find an 'Easing into Elimination Communication' tip for getting started, a 'Changing Table Guide' summarising the key ideas for you to print out and glance at whenever you change a diaper, and links to other online resources as well.

Practice The Ancient Art of Elimination Communication (Elimination Communication) or Infant Potty Training to change fewer poopy diapers, have less (or no) diaper rash and a lighter diaper bag.

Receive a gift of knowledge and ancient wisdom:


The 7 Secrets to Elimination Communication is the introductory section to my eBook called :

 'Part Time EC: A Personal Guide to Developing Your Elimination Communication Confidence'.

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Elimination Communication (Elimination Communication) is often described as an early start to potty training or 'toilet training your baby' but it is really a gradual and natural alternative way of caring for your baby's hygiene needs.

You will be communicating with each other to help your baby use less diapers as you build your understanding of your baby's needs, keeping them clean and dry.

Part Time Diaper Free means... using diapers with your baby - but not ALL of the time, not 24/7 for year after year. YES. - you'll still use diapers - they catch accidents between potty visits -

I can help you build your confidence in how to do Elimination Communication part time, in how to use diapers more casually...

BUT ... you'll be using diapers more as a tool, not as an essential item.

Discover How to Have a VERY GREEN BABY.

REDUCE your baby's nappy use with infant potty training - Jett wears training pants now.
Part Time Diaper Free means... flexibility. Helping your baby to toilet or use a baby potty is great fun.

How and when to start varies with each family. It means different things when your baby is a tiny newborn to when they are crawling, to when they are toddlers.

If you can be flexible, you can practice Elimination Communication - the ancient art of Elimination Communication, often described as Natural Infant Hygiene or Infant Potty Training. All sorts of Moms are enjoying it with their babies:

"The difference between struggling to hold my baby while changing his diaper and holding him nice and close while he sits on the potty is huge...
I feel like I listen to him more and ask questions, expecting to get a response in a way I wouldn't really have expected before. I like that he is an active part of his eliminating in a positive way and not just lying there while I clean up the "mess" he's made."

Sunshine, in Australia. Mother of 3 children, ages 6, 3 (both conventionally toilet trained) and 9 months (practicing Elimination Communication from birth)


This is a complimentary eBook that will give you the preparation to begin practicing Elimination Communication or 'infant potty training' with confidence, knowledge and the keys for success.

Discover How To Have Less Pooey Diapers to Change - I'll Bet You Wouldn't Mind That.

By reading the 7 Secrets to Elimination Communication, you'll gain the confidence in yourself to no longer need to use diapers 100% of the time.

If you already practice Elimination Communication they'll boost your confidence, and for later starters you'll gain lots of the 'right' attitude to get started and build your confidence from there.


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"It's been wonderful hearing the stories and getting reinforcement that this process is not an all or nothing.

Thanks for putting all of your information together in a website. Your 7 secrets helped me to keep the right mindset while we started our journey. And loved, loved, loved the potty songs.. My daughter is 7 months old and really getting into new songs, so she loves when I sing them to her. Thank you for everything."

Jennifer in Michigan, USA.


The 7 Secrets to Elimination Communication is the introductory section to my eBook called  'Part Time Elimination Communication: A Personal Guide to Developing Your Elimination Communication Confidence'. Click to discover more about this unique set of resources you can purchase for yourself...

I designed the 7 Secrets - a unique way to discover your confidence in part-time ec, with inspiration from my little boy, Maven.

Hi, my name is Charndra and this is my diaper-free baby, Maven - well, diaper free for quite a while now, and I have a new baby, Jett, whose Elimination Communication story you'll learn about as it is shared in my resources.

Maven's the baby you'll see in the covers of my Elimination Communication resources. Isn't he a cutie?

Aim for 1 Less Diaper Each Week: Dabble in a Bit of Elimination Communication.

Elimination Communication is a gentle and respectful, responsive and cooperative method of toilet learning.

- Free eBook -

"The 7 Secrets to Elimination Communication"

Download my free guide to The 7 Secrets that will show you how practicing Elimination Communication can reduce the number of diapers you use as you have FUN with your baby. Over 60 pages of resources!

Click Here to Download  The 7 Secrets to Elimination Communication...

Develop Your Diaper Free Confidence as you Discover the Joys of Practicing Elimination Communication

Part Time Diaper Free is a site dedicated to helping you to reduce your reliance on full-time diapers. I'll help you to develop your diaper-free confidence with my fun (and free.) eBook about part-time elimination communication, the 7 Secrets. Elimination Communication is a gentle practice helping you deepen your conscious understanding of your relationship with your baby, supporting a secure attachment. Re-discover this ancient and alternative way of managing your baby's hygiene needs, while using diapers as backup* ......YES. Practicing Elimination Communication means REDUCING your use of diapers gradually. 'No diapers allowed' is not true... * Like using modern cloth diapers, it's also addictive and a lot of fun.

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