Best Pack and Play

How to own the Best Pack and Play

The evolution of baby bedding has reached the point where both parents and their babies can experience safety and innovative features to its (roughly) finest. This article discusses, in particular, pack and play – those 5-in-1 models by Graco, Eddie Bauer, Kolcraft, Safety 1st, etc. designed to help you have better knowledge about pack and play (and their usage) so that you can own the best pack-and-play ever.

A pack and play is NOT just a crib

  • Is a crib featured a pivoted changing table at the right height terrific for diapering? No.
  • It is featured an auto-shutdown timer.
  • Mattresses now have built-in electronic enhancements – like vibration for baby rocking.
  • If wonky movements have not put your baby to sleep, we bet soothing process needs some classical songs and nature sounds from the pack-and-play.
  • Baby gets the most comfy on its cozy cushions.
  • Canopy cover protects baby from light.
  • Folding is no longer a problem with the innovative squeeze latch.
  • Storage sections/diaper stacker.
  • Refillable wipes container.
  • Some models are designed for twins!

best pack and play

Other than traditional bulky cribs, pack and play’ design includes portability: specifically foldability and, of course, wheels to transfer from one place to another. Now you can move the pack-and-play around the house, walk through the doorway within convenience, even fold (not your baby) up to fit in the car trunk for travelling occasions. Or simply pack and carry it anywhere just in case your baby needs some bedding to sleep, simplifying travelling. Due to the modern vibe of work/life, this is one of the core features of pack and play.

In fact, big traditional cribs are not only spacy but also too airy for newborns to feel safe and comfortable during naps or night sleep; a smaller and cozier bedding furniture would do. Pack and play nowadays are terrific for both infancy and parenthood as they fulfill baby’s natural needs, have features that put parenting at ease, and are amusing spots for infant entertainment, not to mention developing baby’s personality with the provision of exploring the world around them.

There is a good variety of pack-and-play options. Beside the conventional pack-and-play, parents on a travelling occasion like vacation or work, it is recommended they pick a playard that carries less weight and more foldability; most playard models have storage compartments attched to them. There are also carrying bags that you can roll when packed.

For baby to sleep or take naps, you should pick a bigger one, like bassinet. Most playards include bassinets of full size. Some models feature specific rocking and locking functions.

Safety hacks for best pack and play usage

  • As safety is the priority for pretty much everything, pack and play are no exception and you should follow what manufacturers instruct and recommend in the directions/manuals. Some of the tips are:
  • Under all circumstances, follow the instructions. (Duh.)
  • Carry out regular checks for your playard.
  • Do not hang items such as toys on strings or cords on the sides due to a high risk of accidental strangulation that may occur to your infant.
  • Keep extra toys, pillows and blankets away from your baby’s sleeping time.
  • Pick a model whose mesh holes are less than one-quarter inch in diameter. All JPMA certified pack and play are now up to this standard.

At certain recommended baby’s weight or particular milestones like being able to sit up, roll over, pull up, push up on hands and knees, replace the bassinet feature with the playard one, which can be used until baby is of maximum weight and height according to manufacturers instructions (usually at 30 pounds – 35 inches).

Consumer Reports have spoken in approval of Graco and Kolcraft playards, stating those are two of the best brands of safe, portable and user-friendly pack and play.